Changing a string

╩ ╩ ╩Multitask tuning key / Hex bit screwdriver, Hexagon key 2mm

╩ ╩ ╩

  • 1. Slacken╩the string to be changed by╩turning the spindle so that its string block moves all the way to the stop on the right.
  • 2. Loosen╩the two M4 screws of the string block by╩4╩to╩5 turns and remove the old string.
  • 3.╩Pass the new string through the hole of the string block from the right. With the right hand,╩fix the ball end of the string on the changer finger pin while holding the left end of the string with the left hand at the exit of the string block and stretch the string slightly (making sure that the string rests╩on the roller). With the right hand and the tuning╩key or hex bit screwdriver, first tighten the right╩M4 screw (max. 0.5 Nm) and then the left╩screw.╩
  • 4. Tune the string to the desired pitch.
  • 5. Cut the string 7mm past╩the string block╩and bend it slightly downward with the crank of the tuning╩key.
  • After tuning the string (full tensile load) do not tighten the screws anymore!