Pedals / Knee Levers

╩╩Pedals / Knee Levers:

  • Stainless steel pedal board.
  • Pedals: standard in lightweight aluminum construction. Optional aluminum water jet cut..
  • The pedal pivots╩are╩furnished with quality bearings.

╩ ╩

  • The knee leves have integrated and adjustable end stops.
  • All pivots are fitted with quality bearings.
  • Horizontal adjustment of the levers is ▒ 25mm (ca. ▒ 1").
  • The levers can also be adjusted with a quick adjustment (without tools) about 15í to the right or left.
  • Knee levers are available in stainless steel or in aluminum.╩

Cross rods / Bell cranks:

  • The cross rods can be slid out through╩holes on the back apron of the guitar╩if necessary.
  • The╩bell cranks have 11 holes.╩
  • Bell cranks are secured to the cross rods with an hexalobular socket pan head screw from above, and their position can be slightly adjusted. Attaching or removing a bell crank can be done from above; no lateral movements are necessary as the screw inserts into the cross rod.

Half stop:

  • Adjustable resistance and distinctness of midpoint, adjustable tolerance (accuracy of half point).
  • This half stop can also be felt on returning the knee lever from the fully engaged position.
  • The end stop is not on the half stop unit, but on the knee lever itself.